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Welcome to Star Names Wiki

Star Names Wiki is a collaborative project to list star names, real and (mostly) fictional, and organize the local universe in a series of sectors that can be easily navigated to get a feel for the relative locations of stars.

What it's all aboutEdit

This wiki is about stars and space, and learning to navigate in our corner of the galaxy. It is intended to be half science-fiction, and half science-fact.

My premise is simple. Stars should have names, not just numbers. While it is certainly useful to have numbers for purposes of observation, a simple change of vantage point makes any system of numbering ineffectual. Names make it much easier to navigate, as well as describe the location.

As for a fixed-width grid of counting, I have taken the Star Trek model of 20 light-year-per-edge cubes and called them 'sectors'. In this model, we place the Sun at a corner of one such sector (or just 0.0001 light year from each face in a corner). By this method, we can name and navigate sectors of space.

While I have several stars planned and named, getting all the pages up and linked will take some time. Meanwhile, the wiki is open for improvements.


Helpful tools for Editors Edit

This wiki has, and probably will always have, a lot of red links. Red links indicate an article that does not exist yet. To find pages that are needed, look in the alphabetical lists of stars beginning with (each letter) and find a star with no article as of yet. Then, locate information on that star (the lists have the HIP numbers for stars). Simbad is a good reference, and the Ashland Astronomy Studio site is another.

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